16 year old financing car?

I am 16 years old and i want to get a car.. i can finance it.. i know im not old enough to apply but... do i have to get a co signer? possibly my grandma.. or dad?


To buy a car from a dealer, what do you need? all i have is money in the bank, and no credit at all.?

Yes I am sure you would due to your age and lack of established credit. If you get the loan, make sure you make the payments on time, otherwise it could haunt you for a long time.

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How about your dad get the loan, and you pay to him? It is much more than a car loan. You need to pay for insurance, maintance, gas,... Please think in detail.

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Trevor, why do you want to put your father or grandmother on the hook. You know your gonna miss payments and then they will have to make them to save their credit. Then you'll wind up on Judge Judy being sued by you grandmother because you didn't repay her and the car got repossesed and it's worth less than what's owed on it. Now your poor grandmother won't be able to buy the medication she really needs because she's stuck cleaning up the mess you got her into. More importantly you'll probably lie at the trial in front of millions of people and say "I gave my grandmother the money, but she spent it on cigarettes and booze". It's not my fault she didn't mail it to the finance company. Now is that what you really want. Don't you remember the time granny bought you that stuffed teddy bear for Christmas? You know the one you still go to bed with every night. I think you named it WOOBIE. Bottom line Trevor is to "man up" take care of your own debt's and make your own way in this world. Don't rely on others to get you something you can't get for yourself. When the time comes when your taking care of your own business, you'll finally feel like a man!
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