At what age can someone legally buy a car?

I am 17 and looking for a car for which I can pay off in payments or cash. Can I do it at 17? or do i have to be 18?


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Legally? at the age of 18.
That applies to any contract even if you pay cash.
The reason is you could always go to court and get your money back as you are a minor in the eyes of the law.
You could have an adult (parent) buy it and transfer it back to you at 18.

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you can buy a car at any age if you can find someone to sell it to you

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If ur paying cash, you can be any age. If ur trying to pay in payments, then you must have established credit which doesn't come until you actually get some sort of credit card, which you have to be 18 to get. Good luck.

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You can't legally enter in to a contract until 18. so no one would be crazy enough to give you a loan.

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You will need a drivers liscense to test drive the car, so I would recommend that you wait until you are 18.

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If you are paying cash, you can buy at any age. If you are taking out a loan, you need to be 18, as you cannot sign a contract (without a cosigner) unless you are 18.
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