'07 VW Rabbit?

Pro's Con's

Can someone please lookup a Carfax report for VIN 2C8GP64L61R412513 ?

That, or should i get a 95'+ jeep,
focus, prob want the rabbit tho, or a used pickup. Prob either the Rabbit, or a jeep, i live in az. Going to college, work at falcon field ex-afb

I am trying to find a quality used car, anyone use car fax?

Going in army in 4 years for helicopter pilot etc.

What do you think of FIAT cars?? Want to buy FIAT COUPE...but heared that FIATS are not good cars!!

Love going 4x4ing, dont have jet skis or quads but if i did then i couldn't tow it with the rabbit. but i am going to college and working tho.

I had a repo in 2001, I am looking to buy a car. Should I buy a brand new car or a used car?

Whats better? Idk what I want pro's con's please?


Looking for a site that gives prices on Oldmobile 98. Kelly blue book dosen't go back that far.?

Slow down.
The 07 VW will run you $20K+ depending on the extras.
The 95 jeep is good but I assume you want to get 4 yrs out of it without major repairs.
If your entering the army in 4 yrs you could sell the VW etc.
As for Quads and jet skis? If ever you didn't get in the army and you need money for school how do you intend to pay for everything?
The VW is reliable

Im taking my volvo s60 to a dealer?

get a rav4, im serious, not a new one like late 90s are the best, personally i hate 'em but you know you want to.
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