2000 VR6 jetta?

If I buy a used 2000 Jetta, will I be walking in 5,000 miles? I found this great deal on a jetta (75,000) miles. But when I checked the reviews of the car, almost all seemed negative.

What car to buy for my 17th birthday?

I want a car that is going to be dependable. I really don't care if the check engine light comes on (little things), but I do care if the transmission goes out or the motor blows up.

Does a Mini Cooper have a back seat?

Any Jetta owners that can give me some advice?


Need help ?

any car can be unreliable, no matter what you decide to buy, have the car inspected first, VW's are great cars. but dont just go by the name on the car

I am in a few weeks going to buy a car...what do you think of the Infiniti G35 coupe?

dude, get a clue. this car is over 7 years old. these cars are good ones, but there is no way of knowing what kind of care/maintenance this car got. dont blame the car. even if this car has had good care, mechanical failures happen all the time. if you were really worried about it, then you should have bought new.

What are the best forms of payment when selling a used car?

I have a 2000 Jetta 2.0 I love the little SOB. :) She the best thing next to Carvel. She's dependable, a quality car and hasn't given me a problem yet.
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