Advice on buying a car?

which car should i get. I am 6 ft3 and 270 pounds. i live in indiana and want a reliable vehicle. the only companies i will buy from are Honda ,, toyota,, and subaru... I want a car thats no more than 22 k.

What cars have stow and go?

thanks for the help


What is a good car...?

Honda accord or Toyota Camry

If you buy a car that you really don't like but is a good price, can you trade it in within a year?

I dont drive but I've heard really great things about Hondas. I think you should make your decision after you test drive them and see which one you feel more comfortable in. I hope some people can you give u better advice, but all I can say is Honda's are supposed to be great. Good luck.

Where is the cheapest mitsubishi dealer in england?

a ferrari its nice dude

I bought a brand new 2007 Cobalt LS and really want power windows and locks. Is it possible to trade it in.

you will like it!

Do I have to pay back the interest on my car?

First thing,
Always buy what YOU like, never what everbody else likes. I wish I could give advice, but I only drive Ford full size cars.

Car Recommendation? Safety, fuel efficiency for under $22K? (details)?

Honda CR-V surprisingly has lots of room.

After moving to a new state, can I buy a car without having a job?

I would say that the Honda Accord,Toyota Camry would be spacious, and since you don't have Chrysler on your list I would say test the Toyota Matrix out it has cool features and space ( I like the room in the PT cruiser so it is very close in comparison to the Matrix). Other than that I don't have anymore suggestions and the gentlemen are right buy what fits your comfort and style! Good Luck!
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