Anyone own a Honda CVR ex?

if so do you recommend it for me as my first car. What do you like/dont like about it.


What can i do with my old car becuase i bought a new car.?

I've got a 2000 ex model auto.,with 65,000 miles. Great solid feel, descent gas mileage, smooth strong motor and lots of rear seat room. It transmits a fair bit of road noise over rough pavement as well as wind noise at higher speeds. I currently have an issue with some rattling noise from my drive axles shaking around over rough roads due to play at the inner shaft where it enters the tranny. I'm working on resolving this and hope it's not the beginning of front end woes. Have it inspected by a good mechanic before buying( same goes for anything you are thinking of buying)

Buying a car for California?

It's the perfect chick car.

What is the best 2007 truck made?

Honda's are very rely able cars get a Honda civic type r my mates got 1

Is this a good deal or not?

Yes I love mine . I haven't had any thing to fix other then muffler , change oil , wind shield wipers , tires ,some day in the future a battery , One recall they contacted me about & they fixed at no cost to me it's a 1999 .

What would be a reasonable price range for a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Good gas millage even though I make a lot of short trips around town picking up the kids from school .& running to the store quite often . The kids want my car . NO WAY i'm keeping it .

I "bought" a car I don't want anymore. Can I "exchange"?

The only thing I had a problem with was , I let the battery cables get corroded & after cleaning it , my raidio code had to be reset , The person that tried to set it didn't have my code & put in the wrong nombers . now I'll have to take the cables off for a while & then after putting them back on I can reset it . Right now is not a good time to mess around under the hood . to much snow & an ice storm last night .

Cold air intake for Nissan Pickup?

here's a link on ebay motors where you can read reviews of them by ebay members
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