***Need answer TONIGHT*** Is $3000 a good price for a 1990 Nissan Maxima with 200,000 miles?

I test drove it today. The car runs great--very quiet, good acceleration. New ceramic brakes on front and transmission is 3-4 months old. Some scratches, but otherwise body is good. AC works great and car has a Bose 4 speaker system and an aftermarket CD player/radio. Is $3000 reasonable for this car. How much longer can I expect it to last and how good should it be on gas mileage? Any tips on anything I should look at on the car or ask the salesman?


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do not even CONSIDER spending more than $1,000 for ANY car with over 200,000 miles on. even if it looks new !!

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maybe in lala land ... no its not 2 or less even if it runs really really well

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Have someone check the rear strut towers for rusting

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go to Kelley Blue Book .com and figure it out.

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At 200K miles, it could go kerplunk tommorrow or last another few years. . . but you should expect atleast the small things to go out periodically and cost some money to fix-- axles, water pumps, alternators, etc.

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I'd rather by a $3000 car with under 100-150K and no speaker system/cd player.

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here's a link to them on ebay.

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Do you like it do you want to buy it?If so go for it!3000 is nothing compared to any other prices of cars

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It's only worth about $1000, more then that with high milage is insane unless it has a new or rebuilt engine, 100,000miles is a life of an engine and if that's the original engine it'll soon will be needing major repairs! Especially if it has 300,000 miles on it.

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No, you can find a Maxima that's 8 years younger and 80,000 less miles for that price. Shop around, it'll be worth the wait.

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Go to www.kbb.com and get the price for it. 200,000 miles are to many. OK

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yeah its too much i bought a 89 for 2,000 three years ago with half the miles. They are great cars but you cannot expect it to not give problems soon maybe look for something newer. especially with gas so high the tank is like 18 gallons or $50 to fill up. If you cant afford repairs but can afford payments on like a corolla, cobalt, tc, or focus buy new not used

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I would be very hesitant buying any car with that many miles. At the very least, you should check the Kelley Blue Book value (www.kbb.com). A lot goes into determining a car's book value. This site allows you to price the car based on its features, mileage, and overall condition. You can see the car's trade-in value, retail value, and private party sale value. You should also run the VIN through CarFax (www.carfax.com) to see the car's maintenence history and to make sure it doesn't have a salvage title. Don't buy it for any price if it's a salvaged car! And no matter what the book value is, you really need to get that car to your (trusted) mechanic and ask him to give it a really good going over. A good mechanic will be able to easily spot things like a slipping transmission, a dying engine, flood damage, or accidents. If the salesman won't allow that kind of inspection, walk away and find something else. I'd stick with Toyotas or Hondas over any other make, but as reliable as they tend to be, all bets are off when you get up to 200K miles! Good luck!

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Too expensive, 500 and you are losing money.

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You should be able for find the answer to your question at Kellybluebook.com. They have values on new and used cars. Also remember that there is an allowance for mileage to the price. I personally think any car over 200K miles for 3K is nuts to pay to pay for. It is up to you how ever. That is just my own thought on the subject. Also you could ask someone you know and trust to look at the car for you. You can take the car to a garage that you would have it worked on and get there opinion on the car. If the sales man will not let you take the car to a mechanic to have it checked out run away and look for another car else where. Most dealers that are good will always let you take a car to another garage with out any problems. If they will not allow you to do that then again run away...I wish you well in the hunt for a vehicle that you need...

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3000?? or 300 is more like it. That price is a rip, you can surely find something a little newer,nicer and cheaper then that. I would go w/ something a little newer. and a different manufacturer if @ all possible look on ebay, you could probanly find something better there.

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Nobody should consider purchasing this car, why don't you do yourself a favor, and buy a Honda or Toyota that has mileage at least in the 100,00's range. To buy a car that already has 200,000 miles, seems insane to me, just asking for problems. My tip is this, don't buy from a dealership. Look at the classifieds, you'll see a pretty wide variety within your price range, check out an AutoTrader magazine. Good luck.
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