1994 and up Cadillacs?

What is your opinion? Are they good cars? I want to buy a used one, but i want some inside first.


2007 civic si or used s2000 for same price range?

one of the best,a well built american auto better than any foreign junk you will ever find.thanks for supporting the country you live in other than those others that just cant see what imported junk is doing to us & ours,hell yeah i would be very proud if i was you,you are what we need more of if we are to win this battle that they are waging on us.there are to many blind people that cant see what is happening when we send our american money over there !

The Most Hated Cars...?

NO they SUCK!! Something expensive will break at least every 3 months & you will end up putting enough money into it to buy a NEW car!

Tractor tires?

here's a link on ebay motors where you can read reviews of them by ebay members
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