Any car dealers in the detroit michigan area currently offering sign and drive no money down lease offers?

macomb, oakland, wayne county. please do not tell me to just do a search, i've already attempted but there are simply too many dealerships and cars to sort though. so, i'm asking if someone already knows of any such offers

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Even though dealerships might not be advertising sign and drive leases, most of them will work a sign and drive deal with you. Their main goal is to get you into a car off their lot, and especially not one from a competitor. I have leased 2 vehicles from dodge dealerships and both have been sign and drive even though thats not what the ads stated. As far as finding a dealer to go to, the best way to go about that is to call around and find the best deal on the car that you are interested in. The lease I am in now, I decided that I wanted an 07 grand cherokee, and I honestly called just about every jeep dealership from Kalamazoo all the way to metro detroit area up to the Port Huron area. I had easily called over 15 places getting quotes. The best deal I got was in Ann Arbor. at Cueter Dodge and Jeep. I think that is the best way to go about it, because every dealership gave me a different quote. Also if they tell you they cant give you a quote over the phone, thats BS, thats just their way to get you to go the them so they can try to sell you in person. If they want your business then they will give you a good estimate on prices. Also I just want to add that if you are interested in a Dodge or Jeep vehicle, you should call Cueter Dodge and Jeep and ask for Mike R. He is the one that helped me out tremendously. Actually the first salesman I have met that I liked. Tell him Chad sent you. I hope this helps, and good luck

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would you please email me if you find out. i am too looking for a car in this area
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