Alfa, Skoda or Corsa??

I have a choice of cars and need advice on the best to choose.
My boyfriend has a Treg Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0l V6, and a Honda Prelude Jap import.
He wants to keep the Prelude and has choices with the Alfa. He can sell it and I use the money to buy either a 1.9TDi Skoda Fabia 52reg with only 16000miles for £3995, or a 1.2sxi Vauxhall Corsa 02reg for £2400. Or I can keep the Alfa.
Im 22 so insurance is an issue. Obviously Alfa is more. I only drive a few journeys a week so fuel doesnt really matter. But I do need something reliable (The Alfa has broken down a couple of times) but do have AA membership!
So do I go for price (Corsa £2400 cheap insurance) Reliability (Skoda 16000miles) or style (Alfa Romeo- Italian)


Which inexpensive new car would you recommend for my situation?

Reliability wins every time; especially on a moonless night, fog, cold rain, you are alone, cell phone batteries dead, no money to make a pay call, you're sick, and a long way from no where, and you should have been there already. Reliability sounds pretty good about now wouldn't you say?
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