2007 Honda Civic EX: Price & Misc Questions?

I had a dealer offer me a price of $18,850 for a new 2007 Honda Civic EX Coupe. This was his price out of the gate, so I'm thinking I should try to negotiate down but all the research I've done makes it seem like that's actually a pretty good price. How much lower can I really get? I found a site that says invoice is $17,995, and the destination charge is $595.

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Second question: Do all Honda EX's have that thing where you have to type in a code to get into the stereo? Do you have to do that every single time you get in the car, or can you choose when you want to lock it?

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i just bought a 2007 civic ex and you aren't going to get much lower than that. i paid a little more than that for mine but i love my car and it gets awesome gas mileage. i strongly doubt that you are going to find a new one any cheaper than that. and yes they do all have that radio code but no you don't have to enter it everytime. the only time you enter the code is if the stereo loses power- the code reactivates it once it comes on again. its made just in case someone stole your radio from the vehicle- once they put it in again it wont work until they punch in the code

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1) Look at the sticker prices at Honda.com.
2) Go to Consumer Reports and order the price information for the car that you want. The invoice price is not the lowest price on a vehicle.

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here's a link to them on ebay.

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They offer many options

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