Are bikes essential for youngsters in teenage?


I'm in the market to buy or lease a car. I've always heard leasing is a bad idea, why is that?

yes they need a way to get around and its good for balance skills and hand eye co-ordination

I have a 5 year lease on a Scion Xa with 42 months left. I pay $323 a month. How can I get out of this lease?

bikes have become unavoidable EVIL like mobile.they r now used by teenagers even before they r eligible for licence.peer influene,society symbol status only add fuel to fire.cannot blame them,constant pressure at school/college,parent pushing for performance etc make them run from pillar to post!!naturally they cling on to these machines which become their constant companions.of course they all come with price i.e, regular accidents!!

I need a reliable first time car for cheap. anyone selling or know a place?

There is nothing "essential" about it..its just that teenagers get the freedom from just going around with their family for each and every outing..

For people in DFW Texas..?

and also as bikes are cheaper, and in my opinion much more fun, go for it if you can afford it..

Is Maruti-Alto or Tata-Xeta a better car ? 5 seater ? & what is the km/ltr ? that the car gives. strong car?

Yes, it is good for hand-eye cordination.
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