1972 Chevy Truck?

I have a 1972 Blue Chevy Truck with a 305 in it but is not running because it still needs some work done to it(like wiring and fuel pump). I was going to just sell it because my husband and I don't have the time and money to invest in it! I was wondering what I should ask for it?


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Go to site below it will give the cost of the complete vehicle then deduct for work not completed.

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well you are a female i would like me something cute for me a lil malabu

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I'll give you $5.00 for the pos if you'll buy the fuel pump and wiring harness.

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Where are you at.I may be interested in it.I like this body style truck.

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As with ALL questions like this, no one can answer it without actually seeing the vehicle.

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If it IS a 305, it's not the original engine, and THAT makes it worth a little less than if it were all original.

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305 wasn't a good engine on these trucks but how much wiring needs to be done afuel pump is a half hour job
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