01 DTS or 99 XJ8L, which would you buy and why?

I may need to buy a "new" car in the coming months because my 1983 300SD has over 500,000 miles on it and may need to be retired soon. I have done some research and found that a 1998-2000 Jaguar XJ8 or a 2000-2004 Cadillac Deville, DHS, or DTS would be the best options. Don't tell me to get a Civic or Corolla or something like that, because I drive far to work and need a comfortable ride. I also need a car with a lot of trunk and back seat space because I am a weekend/part-time musician who needs to haul my equipment to gigs. I don't want a truck because they are uncomfortable. Which of the two cars listed would you get? Other than the stuff that requires computer diagnosing equipment, I would do most of my own work on it.


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The jaguar is a cool car, but is unreliable and fairly old (1999) and will probably run out of warrenty coverage soon if it hasn't already. All things equal, the caddy might still have some warrenty coverage left, but even if it doesn't (since both cars are undoubtably quite unreliable) it will still probably give you fewer problems than the older jag would. If you need a comfortable ride that is also really cool, try a used Lexus LS or used Acura RL. Both are in the same class as the deville and XJ8, and with better quality (after all, the lexus and acura are both japanese) will certainly last longer and with fewer problems than either of the others. And the last thing I would ever tell someone who wants a luxury car is to get a civic or corolla.

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I'd go with the caddy. XJ8 doesn't have as big a trunk, despite how it looks, since it is extremely shallow. This is beside the issue of reliability. Jaguars are prone to every problem in the book, and while Caddy isn't on the level of a Toyota or Honda, it's a lot better than Jaguar.
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