Any advice how to sell a used car ?

Either online or on the streets? I have thecar posted on and craiglist and no takers. If your interested its a 2004 Jeep Wrangler sport w/30,000 miles. $17K


Looking for an import car, any suggestions?

List it on, and if you have AutoTrader magazines in your area I would recommend advertising there too. You should get the most exposure with that combo and it won't be expensive.

Do you love your car? What kind do you have?

put a 4 sale sign in it

I have a question about leasing a automobile,then buying it?

i bought my last used car off of there is also ebay and so forth.

What do I have to do after I sell a vehicle private party?

I don't know how yours is loaded, but Kelley Blue book says you are about 2000 dollars high on the price.

Is it illegal for sum1 selling a used car to claim that it hasn't been in an accident when they know othewise?

Put a classified ad in the local paper. A lot of people still check those.

Are any of you leasing a $20,000 vehicle? How much are your payments?

The last time I sold a car, I had people coming out of the wood work the first day of the ad. I probably priced too low, but I had 5 or 6 calls that morning and one guy even showed up on my doorstep even though I didn't post an address.
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