Whats the best type of car?

Like Honda, Saturn, or w/e. And also whats the best model for that type? Something cheap or normail priced, nothing too expensive.


What kind of car is the best hot rod, cheapest to buy to start?

There is no best type of car. If there were, it would be the only car sold because it would be the only car anyone would buy.

How many years can you have a car lease for?

The best car is the one that suits your own individual needs and taste.

Where can I find a good critique/review of used pick up trucks?

You ask for cheap. If you buy a cheap car, you will have a cheap car. You get what you pay for.

1989 T-Bird Super Coupe?

When looking for a car, establish a budget and find a car that best suits your needs within that budget.

I'm looking to buy a used car - please help me compare these two: 2000 Celica and 1998 Eclipse?

Today, most cars, foreign or domestic are about the same quality. Even though Japanese marketing will try to convince you otherwise. Foreign cars break just as much as domestic models do. Just look in the foreign car section here. Besides, most Japanese models sold in the U.S. are built in the U.S. What make you think that the Americans building the Japanese cars are any more skilled than the Americans building the domestic ones.

Anyone got a dodge truck for sale??

Be open minded and don't get stuck on any particular brand, foreign or domestic, and you will be much happier.

Who thinks Saab 9-3 Sports sedan is worth buying?

Anything Nissan baby!!!

My husband is over 6" tall and searching for new car/small SUV - recommendations?

Love um!

How much is a 73 toyota celica worth in mint condition?

I think the ford focus, honda civic and volks wagon getta are very effecient and affordable cars. The getta is a little more expensive, but you win in the end.

Is it possible to buy cars from ebay and sell them in the news paper for a proffit?

toyota has the fewest recalls of any other manufacuter. they last forever, are very dependable and they hold resale value because of it. if your interested in a car, try a corolla (around $14k) or a camry (around $19K) or something. i hope to buy the new full size truck soon. i like ford too but i cant really recommend any of their cars other than the mustang, which i own, and have had absolutely no troubles with. my friend has a focus the same year as my mustang and it has lots of problems.

First Car??

way to go allison, toyota is right on the money.

Larger Vehicle?

who said ford focus? p.o.s.

Can anybody help me?

American cars (GM, Ford, Chrysler) are larger cars and at a reasonable price. Their generally pretty nice, but have a tendancy to break down when they start to get older.

How do I know if I should buy this Diesel Isuzu truck?

Japanese models (Toyota, Honda) are slightly smaller, and higher priced, but they last forever, and the first ride is as good as the last. Japanese cars are taking over the market, American companies are worried.

Trying find my first car?

German cars (BMW) are fairly expensive and really fast. Their built to get all the horsepower you possibly can get out of them.

Which to buy? 2007 Accord, 2007 Altima or 2007 Camry?

toyota or a honda.low priced, well built..easy to get parts..fun to drive,,,good MPG

Where does new car smell come from?

Such a vague question deserves a vague answer...

Where can i sell my junk car in new hampshire?

Whatever you like that is in your price range.

I am looking for a vehicle that is rugged enough for dirt roads, yet gets good gas mileage. Ideas?

Honda or Toyoda
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