Are there any sites that actually pay you to drive cars with ads on them?

For example, is legit?


How can I find out what a vehicle is worth?

i think your really lame

Camry or civic?


Should I refi my auto loan? Any experience with Gap? WFS Financial?

Most of these are so saturated with applicants that you'll be on a 50 year waiting list.

2nd hand Aprilia for sale? Intrested? >>Philippines?

good question..i want to know too! obviously, i dont have the answer~sorry!

How much is your vehicle payment? mine is alot lol?

from long time..taxis in New York City.

Do you have to register a car before you sell it?

Use this Google search: "help with gas ads on cars" and check out the sponsored links. Just remember though; most of these companies have requirements for mileage, car age, color and locations driven - they want to get exposure as much as they can.

What is a good company to buy a new car online from?

They also may or may not permit you to refuse certain or any ads - do you want to run around with an ad for an adult night club? SO read the contract thoroughly and if you don't understand - ASK before you sign up.
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