Are you entitled to your credit report when you go car shopping, even if you don't buy a car at that dealer?

If not, how do you avoid different dealers continually running your report? You cant seem to get a accurate quote until they know all your business, and then say they can't help you (sometimes).


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you cant avoid it,if your interested in buying a car this is how they do it,so its better to never let them have any information until your absolutely sure your going to buy the car good luck i hope this help,s.

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In general, anyone reputable who runs your credit should be willing to give you a copy of it. If you are turned down for credit, you usually get a letter from the lender saying you were denied, which also describes how you can get a copy of your report.

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tell them your not interested in anything but a quote your not buying until next week

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I do not believe that a dealer is required to give you a credit report yet not doing so would certainly cause a great deal of mistrust between the salesman and consumer. Additionally, it is impossible to run a credit report on the consumer without certain details such as social security number and other personal information. Do not give this out unless you know you want your report pulled by their financing department. This will stop alot of stress. If the dealer wants to build good faith, they should be willing to allow you to see it.

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credit bureaus are parasites

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If you are turned down for credit, the business turning you down has to tell you what credit reporting company they used to make their decision. That credit reporting agency has to give you a free copy of your report. You can find them on-line and there should be instructions on their web site.
The business you applied to for credit does not have to pass the report along to you because you can get it yourself.
Also, repeat applications for credit spaced closely together are usually recognized as a single application.

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You can also get a free copy of your credit report from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies once a year. This free copy will not include your score. They all sell the complete report with score for somewhere between 8 and 15 dollars. You will have to be careful to avoid the paid version and reach the free report at all three sites, if that is what you want. The main site is a shared site that feeds you to the other 3.

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actually they are required by law not to share that information with you unless they charge you for it. the dealership gets charged every time they pull credit, if you wanna pay for it you can have it. if you dont then you cant. and actually to put some mis information to rest, it used to be that every time you got your credit pulled you score went down. that is not the case any more. now you credit can be pulled up to one hundred times in a month and only go down by one point. it is a federal law. fair credit act. but there is no way the dealer can give you an accurate quote without your credit. your credit is what determines your interest rate. if they do not know your credit they cannot figure out your interest rate and cannot figure out how much your payments will be.

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You have to be a authorized credit reporting agency to tell you about your credit report...the dealer can talk in general terms but nothing specific..however, by law if anyone turns you down that lender has to send you written notification that you were denied and usually will make reference to something on your creidt that time they make it known the Credit Report used and then you can contact that Reporting Agency for a "free" copy of your report.good luck!
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