Which sat nav is the best, TomTom or Garman?


How much will my registration fee be in California for a used car purchase.?

We went with a Garmin because the extra features made it worth a little more. We love it!

How to buy a car from owner?

garmin without a doubt

What's the difference between leasing and car and buying a car?

I have a TomTom and I like it very much

What happens when you hide a car when its up for repossesion?

I have a Garman
It's GREAT work';s well and rain nor sun shine stops the nav from working. I do move it from one vehicle to another all the time . This is the BEST investment I have ever made in a long time.

On the spot delivery scam?

I am completely happy with my tom tom. I use it for work and it gets me from door to door. Does exactly what i need it to do, and well easy to use

Im looking for a nice off-road truck/suv(but mostly truck)?

Tom Tom is a great sat nav I used it for a year as a company driver but found that the RAC do one that is a hell of a lot better and half the price

Where can I find accesories for a 2006 4runner, like spoilers and fins etc. please note websites.. thanks?

I have a tomtom one, it's a VERY good tool, AND a big plus it fits easily into your pocket when not in use in the car, if its not in the car it can't get nicked.

How can I sell my car that I still have payments left on with Ford.?

Garmin is like Honda. the best in the industry.

About how much does a 95 toyota tacoma cost?

Magellan is like Toyota. 2nd best in the industry.

Which car should I buy?

The rest are POS..

Is This Car Really Worth That Much!?

none i hav Nav Man icn 520 cant fault it plus got 21 preloaded countries on it

Pro's and cons between the 2007 Explorer and 2007 Expedition?

The best is a good map or A to Z look what happened to that lady some time ago that the sat nav sent her down a rail line .

Are Kias hip?

Trust me Garmin is far better then tomtom in every aspect

Where is the best place to purchase a truck online?

TomTom are the best out there in my opinion. They are all quite similar in most aspects, upto you which one you fancy the most. Both will be reliable and gimick features are all that set them apart.
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