190k Miles on an 94 accord lx . I test drove it feels very good no problems. Wil it last. Is it worth the buy?

I test drove it. feels very good.i found no problems What do i look for. I looked under the hood at the condition and all hoses and even engine looked good. looks very well maintained. I am worried about its high mileage though. Will 190K be a problem. I didnt even find or hear a jump in the transmission. Felt amazing. I wouldnt of believed the miles if i didnt see it. Is it gonna all go down hill from here. will it last. it can feel great now but can also go quick. I take care of my cars with regular maintenance. i dont want to waste my $ if this car is going to go bad on me. I am looking to get as many years possible out of the car without spending qlot of money. Help me out guys.

THanks ALot!!


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You didn't say how much they wanted for the car, so I can't say if it is a good buy or not.


As for the '94 Accord, I put 300k on one with very few issues.

What do you think of the saturn outlook,you think its a good buy?

The 4 cylinder is longer-lived than the 6 (assuming the main seal recall has been addressed).

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Don't be persuaded by a clean engine compartment and new hoses. Most mechanics will do a pre-purchase inspection on a car for less than a hundred bucks... mine (in Tulsa, OK) charges $30. Check the compression, scan the computer for codes, etc.

Regarding the 2006 Solstice?

I loved my '94 and hope you can enjoy yours, once you do your homework.

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I rented an Accord with 295,000 miles. The car drove like a charm but the cruise control stopped working on me.

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Keep the car well maintained and you will make it to 295,000 and possibly beyond.

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I actually drive a 94 honda accord lx. I have 153,000 miles on the vehicle and have not had 1 problem. A friend of mine had the same vehicle with 175k and he was a racer, so he treated the car like junk...still had NO problems. My dad is a mechanic and he can't see when the car will EVER see problems. Most japanese imports are worth the buy. How much is it priced may I ask? Hondas are good cars all around. As well as acura, same company.

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accords are good cars, my friend had one with 210,000 on it n he took real good care of it, plus it wasnt all that bad on the whole speed factor for a 4 cyl, i looked around and some ppl have them with over 300 thou miles on the odo, so if u take care of it will run like a beatle, so my guess is buy.

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May last, but please, it is a 13 year old car, buy it really, really cheap, no more than 1k.

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that many miles on a 94 is a little high.but it is a Honda. keep the maintenance up and it should run for a long time. its not uncommon for a Honda to reach 300,000+ miles. if you think its in good condition and drives nicely i dont see why it wouldnt be a nice car.

Where's the best place to look for a used car that is in good condition and a good price?

my parents have a 92 accord wagon w/ 220,000 miles and its still running strong.

Is it a good idea to buy a used car from a REPO auction in order to save some money?

hope this helps.
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