86 Z28 Camero..I'm going to buy one for $3000.00 is that a good deal? it only has 74K original miles!?

I want to know if thats a good deal no scratches no dents no rust..stock rims..need to know where I could also find a Z28 web site to get ideas on how I want to paint it or even a camero chat line where people could share there pict. and ideas...thanks Alex


Whereor how do I get my apprasial value for my car? and not kelly blue book need someone to actually look at i

Not bad... and pedro... it is a late 80's model... AND are you kidding me? bad gas mileage... Its a camaro... gas mileage was NEVER a selling point.

I have a 1972 olds Delta 88 4dr sedan I want to sell!!?

i dont think so for that kind of money id get a GEN 3.with a LS motor. i dont really like 74---late 80s models

Im interested on buying a new car. And the BMW M5 and the Audi A8 are my options.Which one is better?

depends if its been taking care of parts degrade over time, hoses, seals, and just about anything made out of plastic or rubber, and check out if parts are still avialable

Better new car.. Honda Civic EX or Scion Xc??

No. GM stopped making Camaros partly because they had so many problems (and they get lousy gas mileage too).

Need doors to a 92 buick le sabre(passenger side)?

For a 21 year old camero. I wouldn't spend more than $1500.

Carfax request for 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier 1G1JC24627201566?

Why spend 3K on a 21 year old pony car, when you can by a more recent model for the same or just a little more... I drive by an '01 Mustang GT sitting on the side of the road... they are selling that for $5000... it looks great and only has 80K miles... look around for a better deal !

Why cant i buy a car made for export?

Only 74,000 mile huh...Well I seriously hope they didnt turn back the mileage..You can easily do that on those cars..Another thing I have seen about them when One thing goes on it it all starts to go around the same time...I wouldnt pay that much money honestly, but it looks like you already made your mind up..

Sexiest car a woman can drive?

Good Luck~
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