1997 Pontiac Grand Am. Needs Motor. How Much Is It Worth?

I have a Grand Am 97 that blew a rod. It has 150, 000 miles on it. Not sure what i can sell it for.


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this site can help you figure it out:

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more detail in good shape bad shape clean

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What ever it is worth in scrap..One of Pontiacs most popular cars, doubt anybody wants a high mileage unit with a blown motor.

Found a new 2005 Chevy Impala with 200 miles on it at a dealer. Sticker says $24800. What should I offer?

its probably worth $150 at best unless its in rough shape then its maybe worth $60 of scrap steel. grand ams are a dime a dozen. its not worth putting an engine in because of its mileage and age. the trans will be next,to go bad along with everything else. if its in pretty good shape other than the motor, maybe consider ebay. it might get you a little bit more.

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too old to get a bank loan on it - cash buyers $500-$1000

Buying a cash car-?

$5 whether its in good shape or not. Pontiacs, especially Grand Ams) don't hold their value.

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Hmm I bet it must be that 4 cyl Quad 4 because they throw rods because they are junk. Most don't make it past 100k miles. Maybe a few hundred bucks.

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a junkyard may give you 5-700 depending on the condition of the rest of the car but pontiacs are the worst gm made cars i see so many broken down
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