I want to buy a 7 or 8 seats family autocar. The price is between AU$10000 and 15000. which model is the best?

I need a 7 or 8 seats family car. After I did some research on the internet, I decided to buy a used car becuase the new one is too expensive for me. does anybody can give me some suggestions? thanks firstly.

What do you think about the infiniti m45 or the mercedes e320?

I am in south australia.


2007 Rav4 or 2007 Santa Fe?

I have an older (1998) Chevrolet Suburban. I love it and it is capable of seating 8. It was a one owner car, garaged by an older gentleman, who took very good care of it. We bought it at the dealership he had bought it from when he traded for a new Suburban, like two years ago. I have alot of kids and we all like this vehicle. Good luck. PS I live in the United States, in the Midwest.

Is the SuperLeggera worth the extra wait?

Its hard to find an inexpensive 7-8 passenger car. I would say a ford or gmc van or buy the ford excursion.
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