1971 Ford LTD... what would you pay?

Hello All!
I was hoping you could resolve a little disagreement for me. I own a 1971 ford LTD. It has a 351 engine and needs a paint job and new carborater. All of the crome has been taken off and is stored in the trunk. It is a two door with black interior, the orignial color is mint green. Its a great project car that would take minimum effort to refinish. My dad thinks its worth about $2500 to $2200, I disagree. What would you guys pay for a car like this? I want it out of my life but its not selling at my dads price.


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your dad is probably right.i had a 72 once,but that was a long time ago,and i payed 500.00 for it,but yours a antique now and when you get it all fixed up,it should be worth a lot more.and another thing,make sure the frame clean back on the drivers side isnt rotted.they go there alot on them,just like the bigger chevys.look under the car and check the frame.if its still good,you have a winner there.yes,i agree with your dad.thats a damn nice car,once you get it fixed up.mine had a 400 engine in it,but a 351 is a good engine too.makes a really good project car,you can be proud of.see if the guy will drop the price for you.

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$2000 no way

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I think your dad probably is just sentimentally attached to the car.
I don't believe these are highly sought after vehicles, and as a project car, it means someone would have to put more money into it to make it look nice. I would think a car of that age and in the conditions you are describing probably could only sell for $300-$500.


It depends on the market you live in. in many areas it would go for that price. most people think that what they have is worth more than it is but with a 71 i think you could get away with selling it for close to 2k but it can't be falling apart and the #s must match

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