Any car salesman can answer this for me?

Im looking to get a new car (brand new.2007 PT Cruiser) and everyone keeps telling me to wait until the end of summer/fall when they will be bringing in the new 2008 models & i'll get a huge discount. Im just wondering what everyone means by HUGE, are we talkin a couple hundred or a couple thousand? And are you really getting a good deal or are the just giving you less for your trade?? any help is appreciated :)


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First of all, why would you want to own a PT Cruiser? They have no resale value, and the market is saturated with them, courtesy of the rental car companies.

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As far as pricing goes, the 2008 models will start to arrive in late July, and early August. By the middle of August and September, you will be able to save an additional 2000 - 4000 off a 2007. The reason is simple. The 2007 is already considered to be a year old and the manufacturer will right down the price with cash back to the dealer and additional rebates to the consumer. They may also offer 0% percent financing. If you qualify for the 0% TAKE IT! It will save you thousands of dollars

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When the new models come out, the older model drops in value due to depreciation even though it may never have been driven.It can range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

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The only sales that go on are the 0% financing they do not cut the prices until the car is about 3-4 years old. so the only real savings you are getting is the financing.

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Chrysler may offer cashback around that time (could be $1000 - $1500), but you can save thousands anytime if you know the game.

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First, get a price from here

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Then get your own financing, or the dealer will just make up your savings in the financing.

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Go in with your financing already approved - you'll hold all the cards then.

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here's a link to them on ebay.

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. You can save thousands in the fall . Out there now you can get any colour you want with any option, waiting later and there will be less selection. its a slippery slope... the longer you wait the better the price but the longer you wait the less selection. Just depends how bad you want it now

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You are actually getting a good deal, the rebates come to the dealership thru chrysler so it's not money out of the dealers pocket. they don't like haveing last years models on the lot so they do give huge incentives. on the 07's right now they have 1500 off or 3.9for 36, 4.9 for 48, and 5.9 for 60 aprs available. my dealership still has 2 2006 models and they have 3500 off or 0% for 72 just to give you an idea of what will be offered

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I can help you with that question, and I'm not a dealer.. Don't buy a PT cruiser, everyone i know hates them because it's like driving a skateboard with metal wheels, it's really slow, and is not very reliable.. Get something else.. Junk..!!

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You can't rely on the end of the model year for the mfg to offer huge incentives, sometimes it doesn't happen that way. It's supply and demand. If you are shopping now, and there is a deal that you are comfortable with, and it's the right car, just go for it. You never know, it could get worse by the end of the year, and you won't get the exact car you want.

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IMHO though, the PT is an aging product, still built on the old neon chassis, you may want to think about looking at some other cars in that price range.
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