2007 Honda Civic EX or 2007 Scion TC?

I am looking to buy a new car, and I am torn between these two. I like the reliability of Honda but I've heard great things about Scion. I would appreciate advice from anyone who is experienced with either of these two cars!


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Flip a coin. either side it lands, you win!

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civic is way more reliable has a better resale value as well, if i was u id go wit the civic..

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I would go with the Civic because of the better interior.

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I had to edit this only to let you know--if you didn't--that Scion is by Toyota. In Japan, there is no Scion brand. Those Scions you see in the street are badge Toyota in Japan.

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Both brands are reliable. However recently there have been problems with Hondas. Honda has always had a transmission issue. I have a 2005 Acura TL and looks like they never fixed it. Plus there is a hugh recall on 2005 Honda/Acura models because of engine problems. Currently there is a law suit against Honda for their inaccurate mileage counter that they brought and use in their car from some company.

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Still there have been recent Toyota problems as well, but not on the Scion brand. Last recall for the TC was for the 2005 model year.

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GO HONDA! ask your self a few questions.. do i want a car that lasts a long time? do i want a car that is in the shop alot when it reaches over 50k miles(scion).you get the point scions arent bad but honda makes them look it...good luck

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i would go with a Honda, just cause they last forever, and Scions are a newer car so i don't know how they will be in 5-20 years.

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Scion if you want the style and a little more luxury than Honda and also more engine but if you want more of a reliability then Civic - but I would get a tC my brother has the tC and the Civic and he likes the tC better.

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I have a 2007 Scion Tc and I love it. Its safe to say its reliable because it has the exact same engine as Toyota Camry. In my opinion Toyotas are more efficient and has better value than Honda. And Camry outsold Honda Accord for the past few years, so I recommend Toyota's Scion Tc. It also looks stylish and it's really fun to drive.

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Actually Scions are made in Japan, but sent over here. They do make the box (bB) in Japan and the xA. There is no tC available in Japan tho.

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I had the choice to get the SI or tC. I went with the tC and am very happy. Plus the SI is overrated and overpriced. Hondas are a dime a dozen and resale between the two is gonna be the same in 5 years.

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I own a '06 tC in Flint Mica, dark gray and I love it! I am constantly getting compliments from people old and young, but mostly glares from Honda owners, lol. Just the other night, I was having fun with a Subaru Impreza. Of course, his car is alot faster than mine, but he gave me compliment and was very surprised at how quick it was. He thought I had a supercharger or something, but I told him it's just an auto, lol.

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It was the tC that switched me from American muscle to Asian import. Just check out all the special features and you'll be amazed! It's like the Swiss Army knife of sporty compact cars, seriously! You cannot find a sport compact under $17k that offers as much as the tC in accessories and quality.

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It's a very reliable car. Most people don't break their cars in properly and they run into problems later on with gas mileage and reliability. I am at 23k miles and get great gas mileage, 30mpg on the highway and 25 city, and that's with a lead foot!

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As for the looks, I think the car looks sporty with a touch of class. With all the aftermarket parts out there you can design your car the way you want it to look. It is marketed as a "blank canvas" for customization. That is the main reason I bought the car, something different. There are too many uniform Hondas out there, plus they aren't as roomy as this car.

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Whatever your decision, take your time and test different ones. But I guarantee you'll feel better just sitting in the tC. Plus it's got a Toyota engine and fully loaded will be 20k out the door!

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Check out this website, that's where the majority of Scion owners hang out on the net. All sorts of tech questions, do it yourself help and great info on the evolution of our cars:

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If money is not an issue then, hands down, the Honda is your best bet. In fact even if money is an issue, the Honda is going to be less expensive to own over the long run. If you consider that and the fact that besides Mercedes Benz, Honda has THE highest resale values in the market, you can't go wrong with the Civic!
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