Angry at hus. over a car...thoughts??

Our daughter totaled my Camry. My husband bought a used Taurus. I told him I couldn't drive it well and asked him to let me drive his 89 Bronco and he keep the 99 Taurus for driving. He said no, he didn't want to rack up mil. on the car. So, I borrowed $2500 from my mom and bought a $2500 95 Honda. I had planned on paying her back by selling the Taurus. THEN, HE decides to sell the Bronco and Keep the Taurus. So there went my money to pay my mother back. What goes thru a man's head?


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Hopefully he made some money on the Bronco, what about using that to start paying your mom back? Now, this isn't a joke, I'm quite serious when I say: believe it or not, the money you save on gas by not driving the '89 bronco will probably help you get money together to pay back your mom...and for the fuel efficiency alone, I can see why he'd rather drive the taurus. I guess as aggravating as it can be, really keep lines of communication open between yourself and the husband...I know it can be hard when he's stubborn.

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Men aren't the brighest human beings out there sometimes

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nothing. Men only think about sex and if ur a woman, str8 males were all wondering what size braw you have on during that whole paragraph

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Maybe the same thing that is going thru you head. Maybe you two should talk to each other better before just doing your thing. Wonder how long a marriage like this will last.

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What goes through a womans head. Not intending to be rude here but that was a dumb move. Did you discuss it with your husband first?

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ur mom fuked up ur car

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at first glance without reading the rest of the question my thoughts are well if you are in a relationship for the material things that you can get out of it then well what would you expect other than being angry out of something to do with a car? or even a toilet bowl cleaner for that matter? now I will read the rest, sadly though as far as I am concerned it won't make a difference and or change my thoughts any, maybe, we will see, ok so it changed it slightly, so you married an insensitive and thoughtless jerk, I'd apologize but you are with him and not me so don't blame guys and or what goes through their heads, it's not only guys that do stuff like this, in the end I don't blame women for what they have done to me and put me through, I blame my own dumb choices and stupid decisions that I make on myself, it's a car, if you get through it it is because you are able to let it go, if not oh well move on either way, what other choice do you have? alcohol works

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usually us guys tend to keeps our heads in our asses

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If this is your only problem, consider yourself blessed. Unfortunately, some people are so stubborn, there is no dealing with them.
A few years ago I had a company car. My secretary wanted to buy the car when it was scheduled for replacement. Her two sons checked it out and found the price to be a good deal. She bought it. Her husband would not let her drive it. Forced her to park it in the garage.
He tried to sell the car back to my company. He tried to sell the car to a used car dealer. The car sat in the garage so long, transmission seals began to leak.
The last I heard, he was trying to make a claim of fraud against my company. The car has been in the garage for four years.

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lol the first is a blonde an smart too lol, she right us men are not to brite, lol,,

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Don't blame the guy here. I have no idea how it is you find it easier to drive a Bronco as opposed to a small car. I went from an '88 Bronco to an Altima, and think it's fine. The front wheel drive handles better than the bulky, rear-wheel drive Bronco, and it gets literally 3x the gas mileage. You should've been talking to your husband from the get-go about selling any car, and about borrowing money to go ahead and buy another. It's not his fault as much as it is both of your fault.

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Oh for heaven's sake, quit the man-bashing. Stop tarring everyone with a penis with the same insulting brush!
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