Are any of you leasing a $20,000 vehicle? How much are your payments?

I cant get a straight answer from any dealerships. If you wouldnt mind telling me how long your lease is for and how much you put down initially, I would REALLY appreciate it!!

Who here works form CarMax?

Thank you!


A question for everyone?

You probably can't get a straight answer because there isn't really a good one. It depends on the length of the lease, the interest rate, the depreciation value (residual value), down payment, the annual mileage allowance, etc.

1985 Corvette?

Here's a lease calculator:

Fishy Car Advertisement?

For a $20K car with no down payment, no additional fees, a residual of $10000, 36 month lease, at 7% interest, the monthly payments are just about $400.

I need advice about parting out a truck?

i bought a 2006 titan for $20,000 put down a 2003 dodge ram quad cab and got $5,000 for it. my payments are $475.63 a month for 6 years i have a high interest rate though
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