Are any of those goverment and repo car auctions and seized property sales sites with fees for info for real?

If so do a regular joe have a chance at the highly sought after cars and other items without a large amount of cash?


Can a car dealer buy out the remainder of your lease?

A regular joe is a good guy that needs to know the truth and not being lead up a garden make a long story short RE...your question about public auctions go from there navigate to main page and scroll down to watch a 3 min clip about about where all the cars are from flood damaged hurricane Katrina...

When car is to be reprocess and no one have come for a month to get it, what do you do?

Repo sites are for real...and you stay away

What is a good estimate of how much a used scooter would cost?

yes and yes

Looking to buy?

You mean the ones that hook you into their websites with fancy advertising and then when you're there they ask you to pay a membership?

Early return on a car lease?

They reek of scam.

Lien holder question?

You might as well watch cable television at night and fall prey to all the infommercials announcing things that are misleading and too good to be true.

Can somebody tell me where to buy Toyota used cars please?

If you pay and go into the website you're going to be bombarded with spam and find out that all the claims are false or have goals that are impossible to meet.

Thinking of buying a Renualt Clio on finance?

I think they're all mass-collectors of email addresses and they sell the lists to businesses that pay for it among other things.

Car/SUV question..?

If you're here asking this question is because deep down inside you doubt it as well.

Buying a car looking for eco friendly cars all makes?

My advice: Follow your gut instinct and stay away.

How much car taxes?

Good luck in your car search! Walk softly and carry a big stick!

HELP!! i need a new car:(?


In case a bought a car in U.S., how will i ship it back to my home country (Philippines)?

Perhaps, but they probably only want to sell you information that is available somewhere else for free. If you want to look for such info, try the public notices or legal section of a newpaper. Auctions open to the public, such as government surplus or police (impound) sales are advertised. Yes, a regular joe can buy for pennies on the dollar. I've been doing it for years and either keep or resell the vehicles.

Salvage Title?

Yeah, do a search of car auctions at
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