Are cars manufactured to be sold and driven in a particular part of the country?

If I purchase a car in a warm state and drive it to a cold state, or Vice-Versa, Will it be able to handle the change in climate? Are cars the same no matter where they are purchased?


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There can be differences in how they are equipped, such as vehicles in very cold climates are typically equipped with block heaters, and vehicles in warmer climates may be equipped with larger capacity cooling systems as well as supplementary transmission coolers for automatic transmissions. For the most part, cars are built to fit the midrange of these extremes.

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Except for California Emissions, there is no difference in the cars. However, if a car is driven is a certain climate for years and then MOVED to another climate, it could need some adjusting.

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California has certain emissions standards that do not apply anywhere else. Colorado and other mountain states have some high altitude equipment put on them. Warm or cold , not really unless it is a block heater.
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