Advantages having a car...?

I have millions disadvantages... For example, petrol is expensive, who's can stole me my lovely car, insurance is the most expensive...
So, I can't write my essay! Help m,e please!! My Englisher 'll kill me!


Which is more economical,car or commercial vehicle?

If you take into account the rising cost of public transport, its still much cheaper to run a car despite the cost of petrol insurance etc.

Where can I find a non running 68-70 roadrunner for sale half way cheap?

Plus a car is more flexible than public transport can ever be, you can stop or start where ever you want.

The best truck for 2007 is?...........?

advantages: easier than walking,great in case of medical emergencies,more convenient than public transportation,no public transportation in the country so need a car to get by. hope those help.

I need help in deciding about what kind of van I should get.?

Having independence to go where you need.
Emergency transportation if you need to help someone who can't get to the store(Elderly Person).

X have an approved auto loan, x don't have a driver's license, but the husband does, can they get the car?

you dont have2rely on public transport you can stay warm n dry?

Buying A Car Need Some Advice/Thoughts...?

not having to sit by smelly people, having your own space, having wot you want to listen to on the radio or CD, not having to wait in the cold, lots things...

What are the car manufactures that are NOT american?

Pumping money back into the economy!

Want to get a good second hand 4x4 what do u suggest?

Safer than walking most of todays streets that's for sure!
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