A 128 point inspection?

What is a 128 point inspection supposed to consist of when your buying a used car from a dealer? We bought one the other day we were told it had a 128 point inspection, and it just died right in the middle of the freeway no more than 20 mins after we took it off the lot.


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Pretty much, They inspected it, whether it got 1 point or 128 they dont tell you.

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That's the number of periods in the contract you signed...
No, wait... it's the number of seconds from lot to death...
seriously, they "CLAIM" to look at 128 different things. This is only a look, not a repair... they don't often even GIVE you the report! But more often than not, they didn't really do it. They just use it as a gimmick to make you feel better about buying it without taking it to your own mechanic!

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They are telling you that they looked the car over in 128 different spots, say they checked 5 hoses, 3belts, they have 120 more little things that they looked at. It is not the same as a certified vehicle, and is only a selling point. Being the buyer, you should be looking things over closely as well, purchasing a car that dies 20minutes later, isn't savvy shopping. Maybe next time, take someone mechanically inclined to help you make a good purchase.

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It could be 500000 point inspection and it wouldn't matter if there's no warranty. No warranty=your problem.
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