Any truely free vin checking websites out there?

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a truely free vincheck site, if not would somebody be so kind to run this vin for me, I truely appreciate it.


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There are several sources for car history
- State DMVs. Very slow to respond. They only have details on registrations and brands - when a car has major damage a brand is added. Also, they will only have data for one state - if the car has moved they can't help you. Fees vary by state.

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- The best source is Carfax. They collect data from over 20000 sources - and still they don't have everything. However, it's the most comprehensive source.

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For free - since it costs the DMVs and Carfax - nobody provides it for free.

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When dealers buy Carfax reports they pay a price that allows them to redistribute the report - so ask the dealer. You'll find thousands for free on Cars and AutoTrader.

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The consumer unlimited account specifically states reports can not be distributed/shared as you requested.

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