Anyone know how much a new Range Rover Sport cost?


Can anyone recommend a good used car for a growing family?

Depends on the spec. Mine was £68,500 but you can pay a lot more

What is a good first car?

Take a look at their website or the website of your local dealer - they will all sell at different prices and if you want to buy one you should certainly try to get a bargain and barter when you are in the showroom!

Selling my car from a family trust?

allot thats my dream car

A place to look for a cheap reliable car?

2007 Range Rover Sport HSE Starting at $57,950

Wondering which one I should buy?

2007 Supercharged Range Rover Sport Starting at $71,250

Where do I go to get best terms on new car loan?

Between £35,545 and £58,995 before options or discount.

This is for the ''car guys'' what does a TSI in a car?

According to, the MSRP ranges from $57,235 to $70,535, and the Invoice price ranges from $52,084 to $64,187. Pretty nice ride!
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