2007 BMW 328i or Mercedes-Benz C230?

Hey everyone I am in the market for a new car as graduation is approaching and am having difficulty deciding which one to go with. I have researched and test drove both but it seems I am leaning more toward the Benz although I love the Maintenance/Warranty program BMW offers. I currently have an 05 Caddi CTS that I will be getting rid of and I absolutely love it so switching to a german engineered vehicle makes me a bit aprehensive with reliability issues which is why I am looking for people who already own them to give me an insight into that. Thanks to those who can help me out!


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Here's a comparison between the 328 series and the C-Class. Not as specific as what you may be looking for, but may be worth a look. Hope it helps.

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I have owned 5 benz all went over 170,000 miles, on ewent over 300,000 miles. I wouldn't buy anything else

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The Mercedes-Benz has slightly more class!
Who wants to drive a car with the initials for 'break my window' on the back!

Hi please help?

Between the two, I would do the BMW. Old Mercedes were very reliable, but that is not the case for the new ones. They are currently the most troublesome cars out (Consumer Reports - a 2yr old S500 had as many issues as did a 1998 Lexus LS430). Chrysler partnered up with Mercedes and introduced a whole bunch of new models, and quality control went down the drain.

This is driving me up a wall. can you guys help?

The BMW will handle better, is put together better and will hold it's value. It has more power, and the engine is generally considered one of the best in the business.

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I would also look at the Lexus IS250 and the Infiniti G35. The Lexus offers AWD and is very reliable, but lacks power by comparison. The Infiniti easily has the most power, and is a great buy. It's interior will not be up to BMW standards, but they have been reliable.
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