2007 Rav4 or 2007 Santa Fe?

Looking to lease a new SUV and have decided don't want to go big and need to keep low in price but I do need a 3rd row seat once and a great while for the kids, which one has the better space in third row, which would you choose, pros/cons, etc. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks so much!


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Here's a comparison between the RAV4 and the Santa Fe. Hope it helps. Personally, I'd go with the Toyota. Not much trumps reliability, in my book.

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rav4 definatly because thats the only one i can think about right now and i cant remember what a santafe looks like!

Thank you but i mean zip for used car?

Get the RAV4 or maybe even consider the Honda CRV

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definitley a rav4...they are very nice and aren't that bad on gas like most SUVs are.

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HONDA CR-V!!!!!!!!!!...
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