Are the subaru legacy`s good cars?

if i went to buy a 2007 subaru legacy, would it last as long as the nissan altima, carmry, and the accord?


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Yes. Subaru is like Mazda.both excellent cars but they don't spend as much on advertising, etc. Subaru has been around as long as I have been alive and I haven't heard anything against them.

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Just cause a name is popular doesn't always mean its good. Example...the Honda Del Sol. A car that most don't speak of cause it was the worse Honda ever made. And they killed off the CRX, the hottest selling Honda to make it. Just glad they were smart to bring the CRX back as the Insight.

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Altima's aren't all that they are cracked up to be. I see used ones all the time.I'd rank them more down near Chevy and Ford. Camry is good..but the older models were built a 100% better than the ones they are producing today. So not sure how they will be in 7 yrs. Accord and most Hondas are the same. Thier older cars were the best.that was their reputation. But since Mr. Honda died and his son took over both Honda and Acura, they have dropped many points in quality, duration of life, etc.

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Out of every car out there, from Ferrari to Ford..if you told me to pick one name to buy (sorry its not American) but I would take a Lexus w/o thinking twice. For it is the only car that is as close to perfect as you can get from every angle. Most drool over Ferrari's and Lambo's...take a closer look.their body work, finish, fit of parts just stinks, really sloppy work.

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it's okay but the subaru impreza is much better faster and little more expensive if you get all the gadgets but woth it

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and look at the information they have about cars
they rated the subaru forrester one of the best small suvs and we agree with them on that

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may be. it all depends on ur usage, maintenance and similar factors

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Reliable but boring as hell.

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Subaru has a very good "legacy" of being very dependable cars. If you are looking at comparing this vehicle to the Altima, Camry and the Accord there are loads of sites you can go to and get great comparison info.
Also another great site is
Click on the Autos icon and either answer the survey questions or go right to the I have a car in mind and you can compare these vehicles there.
Before you make any final move, test drive each one of the cars you like, it could be the final deciding factor.
Good luck!

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2007 Legacy, yes. Good cars, historically good for at least 200,000 miles (except for the early 2.5 liters). And SOOOOO pretty.

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here's a link on ebay motors where you can read reviews of them by ebay members
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