Advice needed on buying a second hand car. Less years or less mileage is better?

E.g a 1998 car with 60k miles is a better option than a 2001 with 90k miles?


I am about to buy a new car. Any tips on haggling?How much can I realistically expect to knock off the price?

I would be asking why the person is selling the car with the less mileage. Sometimes you can get an older car that goes great, all the problems have been ironed out. Then you could get a car with few miles on it that has had nothing but problems. If you get a full history on both cars you could see for yourself. I have a Saab 1987 with 154.000 on the clock and it runs like a dream I will be sad the day I have to part with it. Do your homework and you should be happy. Good luck.

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get the aa or rac to check one you pick, it will save you money and heartache in the long run

If I still owe 10k on my car and want to trade it in for one that is 15k are my payments going to be based on?

I'd say less mileage is better. Still your best bet is to really look over the car before buying it. Check the underneath to see that the frame and the underneath of the floor isn't all rusted out to hell and back. Also look at the motor and be sure nothing is leaking anywhere. Don't listen to that hokum about the little old lady who only drove it to church on sundays.

Does anyone know where i can get a 1994-1996 chevy impala body from I'm willing to pay for the body?

Won't advise you on that but with the mileage both these cars have you should probably check that they have had there cambelts changed recently as they both should be due a change and can be expensive if they go.I think the 1998 one would have been changed but better to check.

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modern cars are very reliable and are capable of high mileage so the body condition is more of a deciding factor in making a decision.for the older car to be a better option the mileage would have to be very low say 30000mls


I'd take the older one with less miles because it hasn't been used as intensely as the newer one.

Where can I find an old car for sale?

Its about striking a balance, parts wear through excess use but can also perish through age/the elements. In your example I would go for a 99 with 65k. Of course it depends on the mileage you are going to do and the brand/service history of said car.

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id go newer providing the car is not a dog, these low mileage one carefull owner cars have normally never seen a service and the problems begin when someone starts driving it over 30mph
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