Anyone know where you can get a FREE VIN Number researched?

I just wanted to research my jeep. Edmonds claims to have a free search but its simply a free search letting me know it found 7 reports . I bought my jeep new. there shouldnt be 7 reports.


Ok i am looking for a 1968 ss camero any one got one and no not a toy but the real deal?

It's not free but go to A one time report costs $19.95 and a month of unlimited reports costs $29.95. If you have a doubt, it's worth the money. I've used them several times.

Which is the best tool to find out the value of your trade-in when purchasing a new car?

yea there no where u can get it for free ive tried it to and they all say you have so many reports than you have to pay to see them...

Find the sale price if the $50 price is discounted 30%?

dont think that your jeep should have any reports on it when you bought it new unless

How do i find the bluebbok value of what a car was worth in 2004?

thats showing you bought it in the report.

How long do you have after you sign a contract on a car loan to break it?

good luck..

Best cheap tires?

sorry you have to pay for it

I was also swindled big-time from a private seller I bought a car from, NO recourse's as far as lemon laws?

The presense of a CarFax record does not necessarily indicate that it is an accident or that there is anything wrong with the car.

Does anyone know where i can get a 1994-1996 chevy impala body from I'm willing to pay for the body?

1 Record can simply mean that the vehicle was purchased by the dealership. It is no cause to be alarmed.

You have access to unlimited carfax reports? Mine expired yday. Please look up for VIN:2B3HD46R32H167263?

They aren't going to tell you this simply because they want you to pay for it.

How can I obtain the resale value of a 1983 F150 Ford Pickup with very low original mileage?

Pay the $25 for carfax, research your jeep, and then cancel the subscription within 24 hours and it will be free. You have a 24 hour grace period to cancel.

Should i take the car?

On the cancelation process just choose "Service is not what I expected" and that's it. There's your free lookup.

Anyone know a website where you can find a description of motor vehicle accidents by case number, in NEW YORK?

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