Are Kias hip?

I am in the market for a new car. I have an excrutiating commute; it's 45 minutes both ways, so I am looking for something with great mileage and emissions -- not to mention comfort -- but hybrids seem to be out of my price range right now. I also have two kids and hope to have more, so seating and cargo space is a must.

Who knows what will happened to scrap cars in singapore?

On paper the Kia Rondo seems perfect. You sure do get a lot of car for the money. However I'm a Chevy guy at heart (I like being able to fix minor problems myself). And I'd prefer to buy American.

Looking for a used vehicle in Southern Illinois?

But the main problem is -- I didn't think I'd ever be caught dead driving a Kia.


I am confused about which car to buy, a SKODA Octavia or Chevrolet Aveo.So please people help me out with this

Well, it may not be hip, but we have a 2002 Kia Rio. We have never had any major problems with it. Just the normal maintenance, but we also don't abuse it like so many people do to their cars. I have grown past the point of worrying about whether something is "hip" or not. I drive it because it gets great gas mileage, isn't ugly like a Scion, and there are not a billion of them out there like Honda. I don't have a problem figuring out which car is mine in a parking lot, and speaking of parking lots, this thing has a turning radius that is so tight that I can turn a U-turn on a two-lane street! Also, I am 5'11" and fit in it comfortably. Not too bad for a tiny car if I do say so myself.

Which one is the most important for a single man, a house or a car?

I feel kinda shallow for saying this, but yeah, Kias are kinda lame. :(

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kias are in no way hip. They have gotten better, but they still need a while. I recommend a 2000 honda accord. Even better, buy the consumer reports for 2007

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try looking at a Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris, they are in the same price range. They rank higher overall.

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Buy American, find a Chevy within your price range. You may as well like the car if you're going to be paying for it.

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A friend of mine had a Kia and it was in the shop more than it was on the road.

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Kias need help, and lots of it...

I need phone number and contact lists for all new car dealers in the usa that i can separate by make?

Look for Honda Accord, 1998-2002. They are a decent price and (if 4cyl) they get pretty good milage. If you get the EX, there is an option for leather, sunroof, 6 disk changer, 4 wheel disk, abs...

Whats the best make of a small SUV?

The trunk it pretty big also. I can fit inside of it (6'1 250lbs) and almost stretch out next to a speaker box (holding 2 12'' sub woofers).

Can i get a decent a car with $3000?

Is it the biggest? no. Does it get the best economy? Not really. It is full of luxary? No Quite.

Do you need car tax or MOT in spain for your car or something else instead?please explain full details thanx?

It is a great car that will last forever, give you no problems, 20 mpg city (Los Angeles traffic) and a good family size without being obnoxiously huge like a SUV?

Where can I find a used De Lorean (u know, the car they used in the Back To The Future Trilogy) in Malaysia?

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