A cheap, good mileage, easy to drive SUV?

thinking about the CRV...I don't need any fancy stuff, but a 4WD is definitely a plus.


Help deciding on a vehicle...?

Just note, many of the cheaper SUVs are NOT four wheel drive. They are "all-wheel-drive", which is little more than a weak traction control system. Cheap REAL 4x4s include pick-ups and Jeep Wranglers.

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Rav4, Kias and CRVs, Touareg, Subaru etc are not 4x4, they are AWD and not appropriate for off-road or even heavy snow driving. Remember - if it isn't truck-based it is unlikely to be a 4x4 (the exception being the Audi Quattro)

What trucks are the best to get lifted?

Good 4x4s include Pathfinders, Blazers, xterras, 4runners and the new Toyota TJ (I think its called), Grand Cherokee, The Audi's with Quattro (not all have it, some are AWD)

Is this a good deal or not?

toyota 4runners are great.

Lookup VIN # YV1AX8849G1149785 on Carfax?

KIA sportage 2007 under 17,000 great warranty drive one yull love it.. drive it please

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when you find a suv with good milage and easy to drive, please let me know.

How to be a top salesman?

a cheap suv is ford explore, i saw em going for 3000-10000
those suvs are only 2 years old

Nissan Skyline?

ford escape

Where do I look for used automobiles for sale?

The best value in a SUV is the Ford Explorer with the 6 cyl SOHC motor. Mileage is about 20 though - but these are extremely reliable & you can actually tow something with them. Be careful of the Honda CR-v, Odyssey & Acura MDX - these are part of a class action lawsuit for transmission failures - apparently Honda would not pay Borg Warner royalties for there transmission patents & voila - new transmission from scratch that did not fare too well in the market place - if you by a Honda SUV - buy an extended warranty on the trans - this is a not well know fiasco.

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SUV's are not known to be cheap or have good gas milage.
If you have no valid reason for getting a truck, then my advice would be not go get one.

My car just gat repoed?

ford excape hybrid. up to 40 miles to the gallon in the city. 30 on the high way. 155 hp 4 cyl engine. very reliable. comes in all wheel drive.

How much did u put for a down payment on your car?

You should try the Toyota Rav4 4X4 which gets 23/28 with an inline 4 engine or 21/27 with a V6 or you could get the Honda CRV which gets 22/28 on the only available I-4 engine, both car are good and small and very easy to drive, plus they are very reliable, and the are priced around 20k new.

Does anyone know anywhere offering personal contract car hire for a 19 year old?

Here's a link on ebay motors where you can find them in your home town.
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