Anyone drive a TVR S3?

Buying a new car and considering the S3 - can't find one to test drive near me though and so before I go looking further afield I'm wondering if anyone can fill me in on running, maintenance and insurance costs as well as handling and whether or not you can fit yourself and a set of golfclubs in the car.

Saturn, Ford, Toyota?

All serious posts appreciated - all 'humerous posts' will cause me to curse the poster with mighty voodoo and a plague of green gerbils.


I need car help?

TVR are a very struggling, now Russian owned company working out of a collection of sheds. The fact is, they are not making a profit, and the company looks almost certainly doomed.

How can I become a dealer in Chrysler?

Over the years, they have had reliability problems, poor electrics and bits that fall off.

I need a free carfax report?

The old Rover V8 engine is powerful enough, but it is now quite an old lump of an engine, and not noted for anything in particular.

I'm after a good size family car with 4/5 doors which is cheap on the road tax. Can anyone suggest a vehicle?

Personally, I would buy something sensible for the same money; like a good second-hand Porsche built like a swiss-watch, or if you have the readies, maybe a Mazda RX-7, if you appreciate the qualities of rear-wheel-drive and an engine at the front.

If a man wants a 25 year old woman, shouldn't he have looked for her when he was 25?

Could you please send me 48 green gerbils?
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