$ 4000 CAD...Im In Toronto Area.Need Reliable Car 4 Family?

looked at lot of them..cant decide.200,000 Civic or 125000 Sentra or 100,000 Sunfire...Dont know which one ? Pls Advice


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Its easy to say get a Honda - Toyota or Nissan, sure they make excellent product, but in your price range CONDITION comes before...Year - Make - model - Miles, and with a little homework on your part you wont end up with a lemon in your driveway.

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Go to this webpage http://www.usedcartips.org/testdri.html... and study the first step, from there if your interested go to main Page and learn my 10 steps how to buy a car...I am in the GTA area and 99% of questions are from the states, nice to see someone on here from TO.

What is your dream car?

PS...I am 100% sure you will narrow down your choices by following step # 1...good luck

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Ok well first of all I speak from personal experience. Go for a Japanese car. In your price range, you should go for a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla. Both have rock solid reliability and are adequately powered by 4 Cylinder powerplants. Try your best to keep the mileage low. If you can drive a standard transmission, you may be able to save some money. Try to keep the mileage as low as possible. What I mean by that is that if you are getting a 01 Corolla with 100K kilometer, and then somebody tries to persuade you to get an 02 with 120K kilometers, try to stick with the 2001. If you can find any of the newer iterations, aka 2003+ Toyota Corolla or the 2001+ Honda Accord it would be an overall more intelligent decision because the previous iterations of the Civic and Corolla date back to the mid 1990s. Look around the newspaper classified ads and around Ebay motors. Check online as well. In the U.S we have cars.com. There are probably sites like that for Canada as well. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, haggle!! If somebody says 4500 CAD for a car, offer them 3200 and see what they say. If not, walk away. Many of the times they'll ask to split the difference. Check the blue book value of every car you look into as so you know what the baseline is. Good luck!

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Oh and by the way, the Nissan Sentra is also a great car. However, I personally feel that the Corolla or Civic are better cars in that price point that is why I did not include it.

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I've been looking at cars in about the same price range and I think that the Sentra would be the best option. I LOVE civics and I know they live forever but 200,000 miles (at least that's what I'm guessing what that meant) would make me cautious. Nissans are also very nice cars and it only has 125,000 miles, which means it has a lot of life left. American cars generally don't last as long as imports so I wouldn't think about the Sunfire. I would say get them checked out (I know this can be pricey) but at least then you know what's wrong with each car and you can make the best decision.

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Here's a link on ebay motors where you can find them in your home town.
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