323i or matrix ??

I am currently looking at both cars right now and i am only going to spend around 10k. Im not sure which one i want to get though. The matrix is better in almost every category, mpg, cheaper to maintain, newer, less miles on the car, etc. If your wondering why im considering the bmw when i find alot more in the matrix, i dont know either. if you have any other suggestions of cars please tell me.


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Good luck finding a 323i for around 10k. You're definately not going to find at Certified Pre-Owned 323i's for that much from the dealership. You MIGHT be able to get a CPO Toyota Matrix for 10k. You're are right too, it's better in MPG, maintainence, etc. Pontiac Vibe, ehh, I would stray away from Pontiac. Their reliability ratings are not as high as Toyota or BMW. Lexus, Toyota's luxury sub-division, ranked highest in customer satisfaction from JD Power and Associates. AWD is also a great option, especially if you live where road conditions are not the best. A 6-speed is good, it'll raise your MPG, but sure that you are going to get more MPG out of a Matrix than most other wagons in its catagory.

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Seems like you already know what you should buy. Get the matrix

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Pontiac Vibe. It is the same as the Matrix, but better looking and it can have awd and 6 speeds manual.

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You'll get far newer car in the Matrix or vibe(same) then a $10,000 BMW. Expect expensive maintenance/running costs on the older BMW. My friend has a 2003 Vibe they bought new and it has been a great vehicle with no problems, it has 60,000 miles on it.

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go ahead and buy it
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