Are there any sedans out there that can accommodate 3 baby car seats?

I don't want to buy another SUV or mini-van


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Yes, you have many choices in the mid to full size range. You should really consider a wagon like a legacy/outback Or a wagon with a rear jump seat. Their are too many to list.
Check out this site you can search cars based on size and type. Plus they give T.M.V. (true market value)

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The Ford 500 will fit 3 car seats! The 500 is built on the Volvo Platform! So you know it is a very safe vehicle!

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yes any 3 seater can accommodate 3 car seats center one will not have upper shoulder restraint like outer ones. My ford crown victoria does great with 3 car seats on various occasions i have 4 lol 11,months 2 2yr. olds and a 4year old

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I have a Volvo S80 and it has enough anchors for 3 car seats in the back. Very good ride too. In regards to safety... It's a Volvo :-)

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Any of the bigger cars should be able to handle 3 car seats. Toyota Avalon would be a nice choice, or maybe a Camry. Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, or Ford Crown Vic if you must drive an American car.

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the 500 and montego... ( they will be called taurus and sable for the 2008 model year)

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they also offer awd... and new stability control..

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Almost any sedan can accommodate 3 car seats - it depends on the car seats and how they are installed. You can "puzzle" fit seats together, especially if you have at least one rear facing seat.
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