Any suggestions on a first car?

I will be getting my first car soon, but I am only 5'0" tall. I need a dependable car. That is good on gas milage. But cute enough for a girl to drive. Any suggestions?


Used Range Rover..?

honda accord and toyota camry are good cars for the frist time buyer but if you buy one of this cars used its a good idea toget it checked out by someone you trust and that knows what they are look for


Well sweetie that all depends on what you are looking for. I remember my frist car it was sweet and fast. But fast isn't good it costed me my lic for 4 yrs. Must 4 bangers are good and dependable and very good on gas till you turn on the a/c lol then they all drain the gas. Sunfire,neons,honda accord,chevy colbolt.

Whats a good mileage?

don't buy a new car as you're first,wait until your experienced in a couple of years behind the wheel, then if you can afford it go and buy yourself the car you rally want...I drive a holden astra its great for me and im only 5ft tall.

Is $15,000 USD for a 1995 Ford Taurus a good deal?

Pontiac Grand Ams are great for girls. They are quick and can get great gas mileage. It's a cute looking car with a sporty look. Don't forget to get the GT though. Oldsmobile Aleros are good for chicks too. Also, Pontiac Grand Prixs as well as Tiburons and cobalts. List goes on and on...oh pontiac sunfire.

Which is better, a BMW X5 or a Volvo XC290?

Get a used Honda Accord if your comfortable with the size, if not get a Honda Civic. They are dependable, safe and practical. I've owned over 30 cars and the 3 Hondas were the best !

Ok my Mom got these car for free and it has a lot of problems but it runs good so should we get red of it?

Go look at the Chevrolet Cobalts, I have a couple of friends that have them and they like them alot.

What is a better first car?

Stay away from neons, cavaliers, saturns, and sunfires. They aren't reliable or safe. They are reliable for the first 100 thousand miles and then they are nothing but trouble.
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