Are there any 4x4 5 speed trucks (2000 and up) out there?

Hubby and I are looking for a new vehicle, less than 20,000miles, and HAS to be 5 speed AND 4x4. NOT AWD. We do not want foreign, cause we are dealing with a POS of a Honda, we have had to put just as much into fixing it over 3 yrs as we paid for it! We need it around the size of a Honda Passport/Isuzu Rodeo. NOT smaller. Do you own one that you like and would recommend? i tried HOnda and Pontiac, but Non of the new ones are made manual or with 4x4. We need it to be a SUV or Truck with extended cab, as we have children. Thank you


How well do you like your Honda Element?

Most likely. Try Ford.
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