Advice on how to finance a new car?


What are the advantages/disadvantages of purchasing a vehicle that was a 'previous daily rental?'?

I am looking to buy a New Scion TC, MSRP 19K and finance it for 2 years.
I have very good credit. My main reason for financing the car, is so i can build up my credit score by developing a history of taking out a loan and re-paying it. (which would help me in a few years when buying a home)

How much does Chrysler 300 cost?

Can you suggest where i can get a LOW interst rate on a automobile purchase, financed over 24-36 months

What is the job description of an auto (car) sales manager?



I need advise on what to look for when purchasing a vehicle. Can you help me?

sorry i cant help you

What happens when the trade in value of your current car is worth more than the car you want to buy?

The best way to fiance a car is through a credit union. Their rates are always alot cheaper then banks. Don't use the dealer to fiance your car. They will add on points to your rate. That is how they make their money. If you do go through the dealer, make sure you ask to see the original rate quoted before they add on their points. If they refuse to show you it, then don't buy the car. Trust me you will save alot of money by doing this. You can also tell them to reduce their points on the fiance rate. Again if they won't show you then leave. Be a detective when it comes to buying a car. Car dealerships are all scams and they will scam you if like them. Personally I would use the Internet to buy a car. You will get a better price then going with a dealership. Always know the true market value of the car or the bluebook price before going in to buy it. Remember knowledge is power. Good luck
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