Anyone have good experience with Hyundai Elantras? Looking at buying a 2001...?

The car is a 2001- one owner who took excellent care of the vehicle. The car has 200k miles on it, but they are all highway miles. All maintenance records were kept and the body and interior are excellent. 5 speed- $3,000.00.
Good deal?


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I wouldnt buy it.

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I would pass as well

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They are good little cars. I had one and I sold it with 190,000 miles on it. For the price, make sure that the AC works, the engine burns no oil, and that brakes, tires, battery, etc. are in good shape. The only thing that I would consider is that the CV joints might be worn - try the car in a slow turn and see if you feel any vibration or hear any noise. Sometimes I wish that I hadn't sold mine.
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