Are most dependable engines 3.8L?

if not what is


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I believe this stems because you might be seeing that GM, Ford and Chrysler all have 3.8L engines, (Ford's grew to 3.9L before it was killed off this year). Ironically that just happened all concincidence for the most part.

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Ford's 3.8L had an issue with headgaskets in the early 90s, same with Chryslers but the issue only lasted for a few years. While GM's soldiers on. Supposedly, the GM block is based from a design from many decades ago. GM is usually good making old-technology tick, and have implemented Supercharging, and now new VVT to extract more power from it.

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Although for the most part, these automakers have moved on to more sophisticated OHCam engines. Ford just killed their 3.8L because they had engines which way much smaller making more power and torque. Chrysler introduced a new 4.0L OHC V6 that will supposedly replace it's 3.8L on some models. GM will probably continue to use their 3.8L because after so many years of being in production it's been fine tuned, it's paid for, and some people might not even know or care if it's an older design, as long as it works.

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There's numerous engines people will tell you are reliable, a few I can think of myself are the Ford Inline six, Ford's Triton 4.6L, 5.4L have received "Best Engine Awards" from Ward's Automotive, but are relatively new (even though they came out in the early 90's) for it to be judged in long term. Ford 5.0L, 5.8L "Windsor" V8's are also high up there. Chryslers I-6 is also known to be reliable.

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Mostly it's the components...most Inline's will be because of their inherent design less friction on the pistons and cylinder walls. Timing chain, rather than belts are another positive. Ironically some are quick to say "The engine in my Accord is ssooo quiet, it's refined" well it's because the belt is quieter, but reliability wise, the chain is better..thats the trade off.

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The materials of the engines as well and it's tolerances are a big factor if it'll be reliable or not. And them there's times manufacturer's design an engine, and they have no idea how it'll turn out till years later (Toyota's Sludge problems with their engines)...and can't figure it out yet.

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Hope this helps...;-)

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no, the most dependable engine ever made was the 258 slant six by chrysler.

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250 I 6 chevy

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There is the GM 3.1L, which is a good motor as long as you do your regular maintenance. Then Ford had the 3.9L straight six. It was not a speed motor but it could do well with pulling and off-roading. I am not up to snuff on Dodge to give you a good motor for them.

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It depends on the maker, usually Japanese brands have been the most reliable, but American engines are catching up. You can markedly improve the reliability of any engine by keep up the maintenance. Oil, coolant, and transmission fluid changes are all important.

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I like engines that use a timing chain rather than a timing belt. If you change the engine oil regularly, the chain usually lasts the life of the car. Some timing belt type engines are damaged if their timing belt breaks. I also prefer multi-point fuel injection to central body fuel injection. My Ford vehicles use Ford's modular V6 and V8 engine series which both have timing chains and multipoint fuel injection. I have both a 1992 and 2004 Ford 4.6 Liter V8 and have always used synthetic oil in them as well as the V6 (3Liter) I own. All of the engines have run exceedingly well and have never needed anything but routine maintenance.

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Ford's old 3.0 liter is still pretty good, considering that it's been around forever. They have it in the Five Hundred, Montego, Fusion, and Milan. All four of these models have better reliability than even Toyota.

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I have a chevy 3.8L and have never had an engine issue and she just turned 70k.
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